Tuesday, September 4th – Friday, September 6th


Tuesday, September 4th – Friday, Septermber 6th

Essential Question:

How will building community among classmates positively affect my daily routine?


Build community among classmates and assess learning from previous academic school year 2011-2012.

Establish classroom norms among classrooms.

Learning Plan: (Tuesday)

1. “Thats my Dance Move” (Name Game)  – Student artist will go around and say their name and then do a dance move that associates with their name. The next student artist will then go, but will introduce the student artist that went before them, while doing their dance move, and then introduce themselves. The next student that goes will follow suit ending with themselves.

2. Review Schedule, distribute ID’s, transportation, and get familiar with school grounds.

3. Establish classroom norms

4. Prepare for tomorrow assessment

Learning Plan: (Wednesday – Friday) 

1. Review classroom norms

2. Question game

3. Introduce Assessment

  • Day 1 Writing (Wednesday)
  • Day 2 Listening (Thursday)
  • Day 3 Reading (Friday)

4. Prepare for next week



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